Making It Easy to Find the Information

Past mutual fund returns do not determine future mutual fund returns. But it’s difficult for investors and financial professionals to easily discover the essential long-term views, simple analyses, and educational resources without visiting hundreds of websites. Our goal at PerformanceForward is to make it easy for investors and financial advisors to source this information from the asset managers themselves.

The PerformanceForward founding team

Company History

Our company began in 2004 and has been an overachiever in educational video production and online content delivery. We have consistently satisfied clients both large and small. We are proud to have served clients such as Pepsi, Air Canada, and many broadcasters, universities, and governments.

As our business grew, we decided to produce proprietary economics videos and online learning courses. Our first economics videos were produced in 2010 and featured economics professors from universities across North America. As interest in the broadcast-quality videos and animations grew, we began building complete online courses around the videos. We continue to deliver these online courses directly to life-long learners and via resellers to university students.

Our passion for economics arose from our interest in understanding investments and the underlying fundamentals. At PerformanceForward.ca, our efforts are dedicated to gathering insights from the smartest money managers in the world and assisting our audience in understanding these insights through easy-to-understand analyses and education.