How Financial Advisors and Financial Planners Use LinkedIn To Build Business

Financial advisors and financial planners use Linkedin to build their businesses faster. It’s easy to start with the basics, then grow your strategy from there.

Financial Advisors and Financial Planners – Access Delaware Investments’ Linkedin Learning Tools

Delaware Investments makes it easy for financial advisors and planners to use Linkedin to build their business. Financial advisors can visit the Delaware Investments Linkedin learning resources and start learning how to use Linkedin right away. There is no need to register or log in.

Linkedin Basics
What is social media?An introduction to social media and 300 million Linkedin users.  More...
Optimize your Linkedin profileHow to optimize your Linkedin profile  More...
Using advanced searchGetting the most out of advanced search.  More...
Using groupsUsing Linkedin groups to generate referrals.  More...
Controlling visibilityHow to control your visibility on Linkedin.  More...
How to use it in your daily routineHow to use Linkedin in your daily routine.  More...

Financial Advisors and Financial Planners Use Linkedin – Video Highlights

“What is social media?” Video Highlights

  • Linkedin is a vast network of 300 million business professionals
  • Use Linkedin to build relationships which, in time, will lead to sales
  • Social media is one piece of the business development puzzle
  • Linkedin reduced its degrees of separation from six to three degrees
  • The more Linkedin connections one has, the better
Linkedin financial advisors social media map from Delaware Investments
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“Optimize your Linkedin profile” Video Highlights

  • Upload a professional photo. Your photo is essential.
  • Your Linkedin Summary is not a resume
  • Use all 2,000 words in the Summary
  • Use keywords – words that your target audience will search
  • Fully complete your Experience and Education sections
  • Join any linked groups, such as alumni or employee groups
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“Using advanced search” Video Highlights

  • The advanced search button is at the top of your screen
  • Advanced search can be done using different search criteria
  • Searches by Company, Job Title, and Location are just a few examples
  • Joining relevant groups makes connecting easier
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“Using groups” Video Highlights

  • You can join as many as 50 groups
  • Join groups where you are likely to get referrals. e.g. alumni groups
  • There are about 3 million groups on Linkedin
  • Find groups by using the search groups function
  • Search within the group to refine your results. e.g. by job title or location
Go to the videos.Learn more about the current social media practices of successful financial advisors.

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