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Investor education is a key contributor to wealth building. Warren Buffett studied and learned from the smartest professional investment managers and you can too! At, we seek and summarize the investment views and advice of some of the smartest investors and fund managers in the world. Perhaps you want to immerse yourself in the details of these analyses or, perhaps, you just want to evaluate others’ opinions on how you should invest. Investor education is essential to making informed investment decisions. Get smart, distilled, investment information to help you evaluate financial news and advice. Subscribe to the PerformanceForward newsletter, and always seek a licensed financial professional’s services to help you invest and achieve your financial goals.

Financial advisors and financial planners are go-to professionals for retail investors. It’s important that these financial professionals continue to nurture and build their expertise in both financial planning and business building. makes it easy for financial professionals to access the latest mutual fund manager and ETF manager investment insights so that these sometimes complex fund manager plans are well-understood and accurately communicated to clients.

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